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Throw the boules
This must be thrown from inside a marked circle.

Pointing / Placing
This is the action of throwing your boules towards the cochonet.

Shooting / Firing
The action of using one boule to move another.
The winner is the first player / team to 13.

Dead Boules
Any boules over the marked zone is dead and cannot be used to score points with


Singles and Doubles leagues

The leagues are played every Wednesday in the Summer and every Saturday in the Winter. They alternate week by week from singles to doubles.  (See Schedule)




 Every year the club holds various competitons

  • Open Singles
  • Open Doubles
  • Open Mixed Doubles
  • Open Charity Triples
  • Open Charity Christmas Doubles
  • Members only Singles Cup
  • Members only Doubles Cup
  • Members only Triples Mini League
  • Members only Super Sevens‚Äč Cup
  • Members only Firing Competition

The competitions are free for all members to enter. Open competitions require an entry fee, they do have prize money available.

weekly leagues