2015   -   Liberation Club Only Tournaments

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2016 Liberation Charity Triples

Open Champions

​A new winner was crowned for the first time in 4 years as Colin  Myers, Steve Simpkin & Matt Ryan took the title beating Andrew Bellamy-Burt, Matt Buesnel & Matt Pinel in the final.  Raising money for Jersey Childrens Charity.

CHARITY DOUBLES OPEN   -   Raised £247.60

 Congratulations to all those taking part helping to raise money for Jersey Children's Charity.

2016   -   Liberation members other Tournament wins

​​2016 Liberation Mixed Doubles Open Champions

Congratulations to Ross Payne & Brigitte Ibitson who beat James Gennoe & Dawn Buckley in the final (their second successive Runners Up spot .  Winners pictured Brigitte Ibitson & Ross Payne. (Held Sat 11th June 2016)

2016   -   Liberation Open Tournaments

17 teams took part in the years Liberation Open Christmas Doubles competition in aid of Jersey Children's Charity.

This years winners were Lydia Beck and Mark Nicol who beat Brian Harris & Paul Le Moine 13 - 9 in the final.  (Pictured left).  Winners of the 2nd tier competition were Ken & Beryl Vibert pictured right who beat Tommie Glennie & Peter 13 - 2.  Thank you to everyone for taking part. (Pictured right) 

2017 Liberation Singles Cup 

Club Champion  

Congratulations to Geoffroy Buffetrille who won this years Liberation Singles Cup and could make it a league and cup double as he is in pole position in the Premier League.  Geoffroy beat Jake Romeril in the final who beat Mark Nicol 3rd place, with Cassie Stewart 4th.

2016 Liberation ​Doubles Open


Antony Di Santo & Ross Payne beat last years winners Callum Stewart & Andrew Bellamy-Burt 13-8 in the final.  Although only 14 teams played it was the very best in the island and a few from Guernsey.  This is the pairs first Liberation Doubles Open title.

2017 Liberation Doubles Open 


Congratulations to Mark Nicol and Seb Renaud who won this years Liberation Doubles Open handing out 3 13-0 on the way.  Mark & Seb beat Alan Lahiffe & Matt Scholefield 13-5 in the final.  James Gennoe & Geoffroy Buffetrille took 3rd Place with a win over Brian Harris & Mike Ritzema. Mark & Seb are the first doubles team to top the Swiss Rankings and then go onto win the competition.

Jersey Petanque Association

Evening League

Champions Summer 2015 -

Congratulations to club members Andrew Bellamy-Burt, Callum Stewart, Joey Le Clech, Alan Oliveira, Brendan Jones on their first ever Division 1 title in a remarkable year for the team. (Picture below to follow)

Jersey Petanque Association Lunchtime League

Champions Summer 2015

Congratulations to Liberation players, Bounce-a-lot captained by Colin Myers with Toby Northern, James Gennoe, Steve Simpkin and Jake Day who won the Division 1 title (picture to follow - below)






2016 Liberation Singles Open 


Matt Buesnel won his 2nd singles title in two weeks having lifted the Island Singles title the week before triumped again beating fellow club member Geoffroy Buffetrille 13 - 12 in the final.


Carrefour Singles

Open Champion  

Andrew Bellamy-Burt (centre) was crowned champion beating fellow Liberation player Matt Pinel 13 - 12 in the final.  Callum Stewart (right) lifting the consolege trophy.

2017 Liberation Mixed Doubles Open Champions

Congratulations to Dawn Buckley & Geoffroy Buffetrille who won this years competition beating 2016 winners Ross Payne & Brigitte Ibitson in the final.  This was Dawn's third successive final and her first win.

2017   -   Liberation Club Only Tournaments

2016   -   Liberation Club Only Tournaments

2015   -   Liberation Open Tournaments

2016 Liberation Cup Doubles

Club Champions

Congratulations to Ross Payne & Antony Di Santo who won this years Liberation Club Doubles Cup.

2016 Liberation Singles Cup 

Club Champion  

The 2016 Singles Cup saw some shocks in the Swiss rounds as Andrew Bellamy-Burt lost finished 15th.  Toby Northern topped the rankings just above Matt Pinel as both finished with 4 wins.  So it was only fitting these two met in the final. It was Matt who triumped, winning 13 - 10 to become the fifth champion.

2017 Liberation Cup Doubles

Club Champions

Congratulations to Matt Pinel & Toby Northern who won this year Liberation Club Doubles Cup, the second time in 3 years.  They beat Andrew Bellamy-Burt & Callum Stewart 13 - 5 in the final.  They also beat the pair in the final swiss round.  Matt & Toby continued this years trend, as it is now the 3rd consecutive tournament the top ranked team after the Swiss Rounds has gone on to win the competition.

2017   -   Liberation Open Tournaments

2017 Liberation Singles Open 


Congratulations to Mark Nicol who won this years Liberation Singles Open.  Mark beat Andrew Bellamy-Burt 13 - 11 in the final.  Matt Pinel beat Joey Le Clech 13 - 4 to take 3rd place.  Mark is the first person to top the Swiss Rankings and then go onto win the competition.

Congratulations to Club member Alex Stewart who won (along with team mates Tony Morton & Bob Morel) the 2017 Island Veterans Championship, well done all.

2017 Liberation Charity Triples

Open Champions

Congratulations to the Ibitson family, David, Brigitte and Alice who won this years competition beating Matt Pinel, Andrew Bellamy-Burt and James Rondel 13 - 12 in the final.  Raising £175 for Jersey Children's Charity, well done to everyone involved.

Jersey Petanque Association

Knockout Cup

Champions Summer 2015

Liberation players, Kerplunk Captained by Ross Payne beat a Carrefour team of players (Vagabonds) in the final.  Well done to the team - Colin Myers, Matt Ryan, David Ibitson who played in the final with Ross and all those who contributed to the win.(Picture below to follow )

St Helier Parish

Petanque Tournament

July 2015

Liberation players, left Matt Buesnel, Toby Northern and Ross Payne won this years competition. (21.07.2015) They beat the previous three years winners PES PC (club members Andrew Bellamy-Burt, Alan Oliveira and Joey Le Clech) 13-2 in the final.

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 Established in 2011, Liberation Petanque Club is open to all.   League & Melee's played on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm in the summer, and Saturday mornings at 10am in the winter.  Our terrain is located at the Weighbridge Gardens (Pictured) in

St Helier, Jersey.

Channel Islands.